The world is gently emerging from the past few extraordinary and difficult months of living in lockdown and the different challenges it has brought to all of us, and it seems no one has remained untouched.

Here, at the Ancienne Poste, as our confinement has been gradually lifted, we are rediscovering our wonderful valley and surrounding areas. We are privileged to live and work in such a beautiful part of the world, and now feel the time is right to start sharing it with you once again. Nature is a powerful tool for our physical and mental wellbeing, and as we have seen over the past few months, people have longed to be outside for exercise and activities, but most importantly, just to collect our thoughts and breathe in some fresh air again.

IMG 1105

Just recently, with the mountains and trails becoming accessible again, we have undertaken a couple of long hikes. Along the way we met other hikers, many from nearby cities, as we exchanged pleasantries, (all respecting social distancing) it was clear to see, that everyone was incredibly happy to be back enjoying the great outdoors once again. It was such a tonic to appreciate the simplicity of walking with friends, sitting by a lake with a coffee and pain au raisin, a picnic on a summit, and even the burn of a 1300m climb (for some of us!).

IMG 1131

Bodie (our resident cocker spaniel) in particular is relishing long walks again, running for hours (and covering many more kilometres than the rest of us) and surveying the countryside which he seems convinced belongs entirely to him!

IMG 0898

As the rules of lockdown are eased, we hope we can soon start to share our wilderness, safely, with you. However, as we know there are still uncertainties in respect of cross-border travel, so until then we hope you will welcome hearing from us from time to time, to give you a taste of the adventures that will be waiting here for you, along with a very warm welcome from us all.

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Sending best wishes to you all from the team at the Ancienne Poste, Avajan (APA)